Brown Dog Challenge

Brown Dog Challenge

In the hottest part of the year, trail runners attempt to complete five laps of Castle Hill in a six-hour timed event. Trevor Brown dreamed up the Brown Dog Challenge, based on the Barkley Marathon, a world-renowned challenging event.

The Brown Dog Challenge is a multi-lap course with photo checkpoints and a cut-off completion time. There have been several courses in the early years, but the Castle Hill course is now the norm. Only one person has ever finished this challenge, Tony Gordon. Others have finished the course but just outside of the allocated time by a few minutes. Winners' photo checks are prior to receiving your finisher's race dog bone tokens.

It's such a great local get-together to celebrate life and fitness and share the joy of the world with mates. It's a somewhat unofficial event where a bunch of local athletes get together and run a course. Awards are handed out.

Remember to bring your phone or camera to not only grab some snaps with all your crazy mates but also prove you made it to the checkpoints. You will be given a stick with a number each time you start a loop. At each checkpoint, you must take a selfie with your smile, stick, and dog picture.

Angel Paws receives the race entry fees, and many choose to donate online to their new shelter refurbishment fund.

The Course:

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