How to get to Bridal Falls, Hervey Range

How to get to Bridal Falls, Hervey Range
Cover photo by Wade Howlett

Location - Hervey Range, Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 1, very easy – because it is just on the side of the road
Distance - 10 metres
Time - 1 minute
Travel Distance - 30 km drive from Willows Shopping Centre; 43 km drive from Townsville City
Travel Time - 24 min drive from Willows Shopping Centre;  38 min drive from Townsville City

Even though Bridal Falls are popular amongst Townsville's photographers, many people have never seen these falls in flow. Many do not know they exist!

After a heavy rain, Bridal Falls will be flowing. However, during the dry season, all you may see is a dry rock face. Regardless, wet or dry season, you cannot miss Bridal Falls, as the area is literally just off the road.

Pipers Lookout, Hervey Range
Pipers Lookout

There are several waterfalls in this area that only show themselves after a heavy rainfall. So, while in the area, why not check out Pipers Lookout, if the sky is clear?

How the get there

Once you leave the flats and begin driving up Hervey's Range on Hervey's Range Road, Bridal Falls will be on your left. The falls will be just a bit before the concrete bridge that is about half way between Townsville and Pipers Lookout. On your right, you will find adequate space to pull over and park, just after the falls but before the bridge.

Interactive Map

Here's an interactive map of the area including the driving route from Willows Shopping Centre.

Bridal Falls is located at -19.36357 S, 146.47442 E
Car parking is available at -19.363056 S, 146.473972 E

Want more of an adventure?

Scramble up the creek to the second waterfall, very small pool, and pine trees.

Why not check out that rocky cliff known as The Outcrop?

Cover photo by Wade Howlett was taken 16th December 2018 after the pass by of tropical cyclone Owen which dropped about 160mm of rain in approximately 24 hours in the Townsville area.

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