About Wanderstories

About Wanderstories

Location: Based in North Queensland, Australia

Wanderstories started as an adventure travel blog but has now grown into an outdoor resource mainly focussing on documenting the natural surrounds of the Townsville and North Queensland, Australia region in a sustainable way. The goal of Wanderstories is to share knowledge and experiences via informative resources, storytelling, photographs, videos, and cartography. We hope you appreciate the resources and find inspiration on this website too.

Wanderstories truly highlights how much Townsville, North Queensland has to offer for the keen adventurer and nature lover! From deep gorges and emerald blue swimming holes to impressive waterfalls and mountain summits with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, this region of Queensland truly has it all!

We advocate for and adhere to sustainable and responsible adventure; for example, principles such as 'Leave No Trace' are among our core values. We at Wanderstories hold environmental concerns close to our hearts. Not only do we prioritise sustainability and conservation in our outdoor adventures, but we also are environmentally-minded in our lifestyle choices as well.

We need to protect and conserve our only home, planet Earth. If we humans continue to get outdoors and grow fond of and fall in love with Mother Nature, then we are more likely and more willing to protect what we love, for example, by picking up other peoples litter and rubbish and encouraging others to Leave No Trace. We are also more likely to make more sustainable and responsible choices in our day-to-day activities, where we 'vote with our dollars', so to speak. For example, we may choose to buy items without plastic packaging because we do not want that rubbish to end up in our natural and pristine spaces.

So let's inspire each other to get outdoors, fall in love with Mother Nature, and adopt Wanderstories' and so many others' approach to enjoying and respecting the great outdoors, including 'Take 3 for the Sea', 'Hike It Out', and 'Leave No Trace' philosophies, minimising waste and impact, and inspiring sustainability and environmental awareness for our beloved planet.

We pay respects to the Traditional Owners of this land, first and foremost. We also honour the efforts of the Townsville Bushwalking Club who has, since 1960, pioneered and documented many of the great walks around North Queensland that we all love and appreciate. We thank the members of our outdoor community, Townsville City Council, and Queensland National Parks that do their part to maintain these local trails.

In summary, the overall goal of Wanderstories is to help others fall in love with nature, as people protect what they love. The more people get outdoors and experience its brilliance, the louder the voice of conservation grows.

To find out more about 'Leave No Trace' and other sustainable and environmentally-responsible practices for nature-lovers and adventurers, see our 'Guide to the Great Outdoors: Becoming an Adventurer' article.

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Wanderstories is about community! We are made up of adventurers like yourself. If you would like to write and publish an article on this site or for more information about a particular adventure or location, feel free to contact the Wanderstories community.