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Wanderstories is based in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia which is situated along the east coast of Australia, mid-way along the Great Barrier Reef but also nestled beside various stunning mountain ranges. Wanderstories documents Townsville's - and the rest of Queensland's - natural landscapes (e.g., waterfalls, lookouts, mountains, etc.) and associated adventures (e.g., hiking, canyoning, climbing, etc.) as well as adventure travel.

While Wanderstories is a community and team effort, Luen Warneke has set and achieved goals over the years for first ascents and descents – most notable achievements to date have been the first free ascent of Mount Diamantina and the first descents of Crystal Creek and Waterview Canyon. Luen continues to learn and grow as an adventurer and accomplishes ever more impressive and challenging adventure goals.

By supporting Wanderstories, you are also supporting the development of theCrag (ranked 19th in the world, 6th is australia, and first in Queensland), OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, TrailForks (second in Townsville), and many other community-driven websites as Luen Warneke has spent countless hours editing and contributing to these resources.

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We at Wanderstories have an immense passion for the great outdoors, hiking, and many extreme activities. As explorers, we often use and recommend great quality gear to our adventure following. We are happy to help and continue to promote amazing products via our adventures through this beautiful world in which we live.

Wanderstories is one of the world's few hardcore adventure travel community created websites. We have a dedicated focus on sustainable practices and content and has a rapidly growing following. So if you're looking to align with a content producer who is switched on about sustainable adventure travel and microadventures, you can be confident our work reaches and resonates with the right audience. We have over a decade of experience producing tech-savvy, multimedia content, and we are always keen to hear about opportunities to work with like-minded industry partners, so let's chat!

Wanderstories is about providing useful information and sharing stories of individuals doing amazing things in the sustainable adventure arena on the Wanderstories website and social feeds, so if you have some news you'd like to share, please send it over for consideration.

Our Growing Audience

Wanderstories is still very new, but we are ever growing – and fast!

As of March 2020, our website receives 17,000+ unique visitors, 600,000+ total requests, and serves 100+ gigabytes of data each month! Our readers come mostly from Townsville, Queensland, Australia but we also have a small following in the rest of Australia and the world. We have 1000+ blog subscribers, and 4,000+ social media followers (combined across all channels).

We offer a pantheon of unusual and adventurous ways to bring your brand message to life.

We have worked with the following companies

Queensland Tourism
Townsville Enterprise
The Hinchinbrook Way
SeaLink Queensland
Luxury Escapes
Hummingbird Hammocks

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