Are you a weekend adventurer and content creator?

Wanderstories is a community of writers, photographers, videographers, and cartographers from across North Queensland, Australia who love the great outdoors. Everyday we are out exploring the countryside, both horizontally and vertically, looking for adventure. Using multimedia, we document and create an online resource for other explores in our region.

Want to contribute your knowledge?

Are you an after work adventurer or maybe you're a weekend warrior? Do you want to inspire others to get outdoors and explore? Would you like to help others and build an knowledge base together? Contact us!

Team Benefits

Well what's in it for me? We are only a small website in the entire scheme of things, but here are some of the benefits we can offer:

  • Increase the exposure of your name, brand, and/or website
  • Discounts from our sponsors (limited)
  • Tickets to adventure film screenings (limited)
  • Listed on the about page and a featured biography author page with links to your social channels
  • An invite to our Wanderstories community private Facebook group chat
  • Invitations to adventure meetups and trips

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We are always keen to hear from writers, photographers, film makers, and cartographers that are enthusiastic about adventure and conservation. If you're passionate about what you do and want to learn more about becoming part of the Wanderstories team, please contact us for our contributor guidelines.