Wanderstories holds environmental concerns close to heart. We deeply care about sustainability and conservation. We are all about sharing the stories of adventure and exploration, and about bringing adventurers together. So let's share our experiences, our approach to the great outdoors, 'Hike It Out' and 'Leave No Trace' philosophies, values, and inspire sustainability and environmental awareness for our beloved world.

To keep this site running, we have taken on board some sponsors – namely from brands that we receive discounts. We partner with outdoor brands and tourism destinations from all over Australian and New Zealand. Though you won't see anything that we wouldn't use or anywhere we wouldn't go already.

We have a passion for the great outdoors and that means authenticity. We value real experiences and great quality gear. All our content is things we do and photos are 'action shots' and are not photoshopped or posed. So any company and brand that sponsors our content, advertises on our site, or gives us products, meets our values, not the other way around. If we wouldn't go or we wouldn't use it, you won't find it on this website!