Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Our values reflect those of adventurers and the minimalist lifestyles we live.

We care about our environment and sustainability

Wanderstories holds environmental concerns close to heart. We deeply care about sustainability and conservation. Through our articles, we share our approach to the great outdoors, and our values such as the 'Leave No Trace', 'Hike It Out', and 'Take 3 for the Sea' philosophies. We hope to inspire sustainability and environmental awareness for our beloved world.

To find out more about 'Leave No Trace' and other sustainable and environmentally-responsible practices, see the LNT section in our 'Guide to the Great Outdoors: Becoming an Adventurer' article.

Let's protect nature

There are many challenges that we face in the world as a society. We need to take action to protect, lessen our impact, and restore the stability and integrity of our beloved world. The first steps are to identify issues and to educate our community. We work steadily to share what we've learned and to not only do less harm but seek to better the world.

We inspire and are passionate about the great outdoors

We have a fiery passion for adventure and the great outdoors and that means authenticity and integrity. We are all about sharing information and the stories of expeditions, inspiring others, and bringing adventurers together. We've organised many adventure picnics to share stories and beverages.

We provide value to our readers

We value real experiences and great quality gear. To keep this site running, we have taken on board some sponsors – namely from brands that we receive discounts on. Though you won't see anything that we wouldn't use or anywhere we wouldn't go already. All our content is things we do and photos are 'action shots' and are not photoshopped or posed. So any company and brand that sponsors our content, advertise on our site or gives us products, meets our values, not the other way around. If we wouldn't go or we wouldn't use it, you won't find it on this website!