Hikes to do in Cape Hillsborough

Hikes to do in Cape Hillsborough

Explore beaches, rock pools, caves, and Wedge Island at low tide. Walk the trails and be surrounded by nature and experience sunrise with the kangaroos and wallabies on the beach. See Orchid Rock, named after golden orchids which bloom in late spring, accessible from Wedge Island at low tide.

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Walking Tracks

Andrews Point Track

Duration: 1 hour return
Distance: 5.2 km return
or return via the beach at low tide 1.5 hours 2.8 km.

This track starts from the southern end of the beach. Several lookouts (Twin Beaches Lookout, Turtle Beach Lookout, Andrews Point Lookout, and Wedge Island Lookout) offer spectacular views for those who get past the numerous steps at the start. The trail takes you through a remnant semi-evergreen rainforest and then opens up to a more exposed, wind-blasted eucalypt forest along the top of the ridge. The low tide gives way to a relaxing return stroll back along the beach to the public picnic area.

Wedge Island and Orchid Rock

Duration: 40 minutes return
Distance: 1.2 km return
Need to be low tide.

Cross over the sand split to Wedge Island and explore the beach and the rock formations. See Orchid Rock, named after golden orchids which bloom in late spring, accessible from Wedge Island at low tide. The low tide gives way to a causeway, linking the end of the trail to Wedge Island and Orchid Rock. It's recommended to cross two hours on either side at low tide.

The Diversity Boardwalk / Mangroove Boardwalk

Duration: 1.5 hours return
Distance: 2.5 km return

This environmental walk meanders through Melaleuca woodland, a mangrove community, a eucalypt open forest, and vine thickets. The Diversity Boardwalk, also known as the Mangroove Boardwalk, is abundant with flora and fauna and highlights the cultural significance the local environment had for the Yuibera People. Throughout you walk along this all-access boardwalk, experience the Aboriginal middens, discover the unique wildlife of the mangroves, and appreciate the diverse plant communities.

Yuibera Trail

Duration: 40 minutes return
Distance: 1.2 km return

Walk or drive down the road behind CHNTP to Hidden Valley, then walk the trail to follow the coast through open woodland before looping through hidden pockets of rainforest that gives the valley its name. Learn about the food traditions of the Yuibera people, and their lives in this rich coastal homeland, and discover the Aboriginal fish trap remains.

Beachcomber Cove (Hidden Bay)

Duration: 1.5 hour return
Distance: 1.2 km return
Low tide is best. Winter is the best time to see a kaleidoscope of butterfly species.

Also known as the Butterfly Walk, this walk starts from the northern end of the picnic area. While you descend down million-year-old volcanic rock formations, you walk amongst the remnant rainforest with hoop pines, ferns, and vines. On a falling tide, you can return to the picnic area along the beach and Division Rocks but be aware that this route is inaccessible at high tide.

Cape Hillsborough beach pano

Beach to Smalleys Beach

Duration: ~1.5 hours one-way
Distance: ~2 km one-way

Starting off the Beachcomber Cove Trail, this hike takes you up and over the range and down into Smalleys Beach. There are several lookouts along the way to enjoy the breeze and views.

Cape Hillsborough lookout


Bring a camera with a long that's for the best Sunrise photos of Wallabies and kangaroos taken on the upper side of the beach.

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