Caving at Chillagoe-Mungana

Chillagoe-Mungana Caves National Park features spectacular limestone outcrops, small galleries of Aboriginal rock art, and, of course, a network of caves (short with many entrances).

Caving at Chillagoe-Mungana

Location - Chillagoe, Far North Queensland, Australia

The town of Chillagoe is located in Far North Queensland with the nearby national park featuring spectacular limestone caves, small galleries of Aboriginal rock art, jagged limestone outcrops, and a historically significant mining site. National Parks runs regular guided tours through certain caves. Caves currently open are Royal Arch Cave, Donna Cave, and Trezkinn Cave.

In this article, we're not talking about the commonly accessed caves here. We mention a few different caves such as Keefs, Surprise Packet, Haunted, Disney, Geck.

Many of the caves are within the National Park areas and require a permit to visit or cave within the National Park. Many of the caves have some vertical component requiring either free-climbing, the use of wire ladders, or ropes and descending/ascending equipment.

It is highly recommended to contact Chillagoe Caving Club and have extensive experience before going with your own group (permit required). They run trips every second weekend each month. If you have not caved before, stop reading and contact the club. See also, the Chilalgoe Caving Club Facebook page. The Club has discovered and tagged nearly 600 cave entrances to date and there are still new caves being found.