Copperfield Gorge

Copperfield Gorge

Location - Einasleigh, Far North Queensland, Australia

Copperfield Gorge is the remnants of an ancient lava flow that spewed from a now extinct volcano thousands of years ago. The gorge was formed when the Copperfield River eroded a channel through the sheet of basalt from the McBride Volcanic Province. Today, it's a stunning natural beauty perfect for a swim.

How to get to Copperfield Gorge

Right in the centre of Einasleigh, Copperfield Gorge is easily found and has parking suitable for those towing caravans and trailers. Enter through the gates and along the concrete path to the basalt rock shelf. From here, take a stroll along the edge of the gorge. Scramble down into the gorge to a sandy bank where you can take shelter from the sun and have a swim.

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  • There seems to be a bush camp at the nearby Einasleigh River. You will need to be totally self-sufficient as there are no facilities. Remember to keep the area clean and to take your rubbish (and other people's rubbish) away with you.
  • Copperfield Gorge is dog friendly.
  • The road is sealed.
  • It can be super hot so wear sunscreen and take drinking water.
  • Basalt is the dark grey rock on both sides of the gorge.
  • Free to visit

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