Dolby Creek and upper Crystal Creek

On this hike you will see both Dolby and Crystal Creeks, Dolby's and Johnstone's huts, an array of water races, and several mines of varying sizes. So, whether you are a history buff or nature and landscape enthusiast, there is something for everyone here. This is a fantastic full-day hike!

Dolby Creek and upper Crystal Creek
Cover photo by Keith Dyson

Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - 5, moderate to difficult
Distance - 15-20 kilometres return
Time - ~9 hours return

This journey is certainly one for the history books. Indeed, this hike is teeming with remnants of the old mining days. If you weren't already convinced that the late 19th and early 20th-century tin and tungsten miners put a lot of time and effort into their trade, you will certainly appreciate that after this hike!

Nature lovers will enjoy a pleasant stroll in and out of the creeks and views of naturally beautiful water features and lush, vibrant vegetation. It's a great easier, beginner creek walks due to being fairly flat terrain and it's one of the prettier waterways of Paluma Range.