Location - Paluma State Forest / Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 4
Distance - 5-11 km return, depending on the route you take
Time - Allow 1-2 hour return, depending on the route you take

UPDATE 2020: Access to Forgotten Falls and Platypus Lagoon (Williams Creek) can also be done via the K-Traverse from Paluma Dam Road.

Forgotten Falls, also known as Surprise Falls, is located near the boundary of Paluma State Forest and Paluma Range National Park.

How to get there

There are two ways to access this area, via the K-Traverse from Paluma Dam Road (recommended) or via Hidden Valley. A car shuttle is required if you are planning on a through-walk.

Via the K-Traverse (Paluma Dam Road)

Once you turn off onto Mount Spec Road, which you can access via the Bruce Highway, follow Mount Spec Road until you can turn onto Paluma Dam Road. After about 3.5 kilometres, you can park your car at the old rusty gate (-18.992904, 146.165886). Then, you can start this hike by walking along the K-Traverse, which used to be an old logging road.

Walk for about 4 kilometres until you reach the fork in the path (-18.989004, 146.137701). If you were to turn right, you'd remain on the K-Traverse. But, instead, continue toward the left side of the fork, which will take you down into William's Creek where, after about 600 metres or so, you will arrive at Platypus Lagoon.

From Platypus Lagoon, continue along the trail for another 700 or so metres to reach the base of Forgotten Falls.