Discovering Unspoiled Beauty Camping at Goshen Station

Located in the lush, tropical expanse of North Queensland, Goshen Station stands as a beacon of untamed beauty and serene wilderness.

Discovering Unspoiled Beauty Camping at Goshen Station

Location - Kirrama Range, Far North Queensland, Australia
Distance - approximately 5.5 hours from Cairns or 4.5 hours from Townsville

Located in the lush, tropical expanse of North Queensland, Goshen Station stands as a beacon of untamed beauty and serene wilderness. A working cattle station nestled near the majestic Herbert River Falls & Blencoe Falls, Goshen Station is approximately 5.5 hours from Cairns or 4.5 hours from Townsville. It's solitude and unique outback charm have even captured the attention of television producers, becoming the filming location for the first series of Australian Survivor in 2000.

The trip to Goshen Station is an adventure in itself. With only the sprawling bushland for company, a journey through the picturesque landscapes of North Queensland prepares campers for the tranquil isolation that awaits. Upon arrival, visitors must report to the station homestead to pay the $50 per vehicle per night.
Phone number 07 4097 1428

Lying along the serene Herbert River, the station's campgrounds offer a unique camping experience. The river is home to freshwater crocodiles, providing a safe but exhilarating swimming experience. Below Herbert River Falls, however, are esurine (saltwater) crocodiles. The campsite is an unspoiled sanctuary with 17 sites scattered across the station, ensuring a sense of privacy and solitude for all guests.

Embracing the ethos of pure, unfettered camping, Goshen Station has deliberately foregone traditional camping facilities such as showers and toilets. Instead, visitors are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in the wilderness, surrendering to the mesmerising allure of the natural environment.

However, this means that campers must come fully prepared. It is advised to bring essential supplies including food, drink, and toiletries before arriving at Goshen Station. While this may seem daunting to some, the lack of facilities truly emphasises the station's commitment to a raw and authentic camping experience.

Basking under the starlit sky, surrounded by the calming sound of the bush, guests can relish the sense of liberation and tranquillity that Goshen Station affords. It's a place that encourages guests to reconnect with nature, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

The essence of Goshen Station lies in its minimalistic approach, allowing nature to provide grandeur and spectacle. Without the distractions of modern conveniences, visitors have the opportunity to experience the true beauty of the wilderness, unfiltered and untamed.

Goshen Station's unique charm and untouched beauty make it a must-visit for camping enthusiasts. It is a testament to the enchanting allure of the Australian outback, providing a camping experience that is both tranquil and exhilarating.

Booking is essential to secure your piece of this hidden paradise, so don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to truly immerse yourself in the wonders of the Australian wilderness at Goshen Station. Let the stars be your ceiling, the earth your bed, and the melody of the bushland your lullaby. For nature enthusiasts and adventurists alike, Goshen Station promises an unforgettable journey into Australia's heartland.

Also, see the QPWS Princess Hills campsite across the river.

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