Great Keppel Island (Wop-Pa)

Great Keppel Island is a special place located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef. Enjoy pristine beaches, waves of bioluminescent plankton, and great snorkelling.

Great Keppel Island (Wop-Pa)
Shelving Beach, Great Keppel Island

Location - Yeppoon, Central Queensland, Australia

Great Keppel Island is a special place. Located on the Southern Great Barrier Reef, this island paradise is where you can find pristine beaches with the crowd. Enjoy the bioluminescent plankton at night as the waves light up. The accommodation is between Fisherman's Beach and Putney Beach

Interactive Map

Fisherman's Beach to Shelving Beach

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 1 kilometres one-way
Duration: 20 minutes

Starting at Fisherman Beach it's the shortest walk to a snorkelling beach on Great Keppel Island. Walk past the abandoned resort and when you get to the end of the beach, there is a small path over the hill and into the bay.

Fisherman's to Long then Monkey and Shelving

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 5 kilometres return
Duration: 3 hours

From Fishermans Beach, follow the old runway behind the resort to Long Beach and over the headland past an Aboriginal shell midden to Monkey Beach. From here, a good loop is to return via Shelving Beach and back to Fisherman's Beach.

Mount Wyndham Loop

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 7 kilometres return
Duration: 2 hours

A short walk with grand views of the stunning coastline from the highest point on Great Keppel Island. From Fisherman's Beach, follow the unmarked sandy road and eventually you will come across signs pointing towards Mount Wyndham and the first lookout. Follow these signs until you reach the summit.

Northern Beaches

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 17 kilometres return
Duration: 1 day

Start point the Western end of Putney Beach head over the headland to Leekes Beach continue along it till the tidal lagoon. If low tide continue straight across to Second Beach if high tide circumnavigate the lagoon then continue onto to Svendsens Beach and around Little Peninsular to Butterfish Bay then cut across the sand hills to Wreck Beach then back across the dunes to svendsens and follow your way back.

Middle Island Summit

Difficulty: Medium
Distance: 2.5 kilometres return
Duration: 90 minutes

Walk from sunset beach to the far Northern point then across the Northernmost of the two Eastern beaches and to the summit and back. No actual path some bush bashing and best view is from just before the summit as the summit's view is obscured by trees.

Great Southern Figure of Eight Loop

Difficulty: Hard
Distance: 20 kilometres return
Duration: 1 day

From the western end of Putney's Beach, climb over headland to Leekes Beach and then inland along a road running along the west side of the lagoon. Then turn west then south and go to second lookout then to Mt Wyndham then continue to Clam Bay through Butterfly Gully. Then to Coconut Point and over to Red Beach then up to the lighthouse. Then along the lighthouse track which follows the ridge line back to the lagoon and historical homesteads. Then past the dam then onto first lookout then continue out to Fishermans Beach and then north to the starting point.

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