How to spend two days in Main Range National Park

How to spend two days in Main Range National Park

It's hard to pass up any places while being on a roadtrip and so we stopped at Main Range National Park. There is a lot to do in and around this National Park, so here is a list of suggestions how to spend two days in the National Park.

Lake Moogerah

We started by visiting Lake Moogerah which is a large lake formed by a big dam and provides plenty of spots for a picnic.
We went down to the river and had a swim and spent our afternoon relaxing since we wanted to see the sunset at the lake. Having done a lot of walks everyday it was nice to give our legs some rest and while I enjoyed doing nothing Luen headed up to the summit of Mt Edwards. "Gotta make sure you see it all!"

Summit of Mt Edwards

To enjoy the sunset, we headed opposite from the picnic area which provided stunning views over the lake while the sun was setting – not too bad.

Sunset at Lake Moogerah Dam


We then drove to the Poplar Flat camping area at Goomburra Valley. It is a long drive along a dirt road to get to the camping place but it is a nice spot in an open grassy area surrounded by the forest. It must be an excellent spot for birdwatching as well, as we saw many people with big cameras and telephoto lenses staring at trees.

Sunrays through tree canopy


We got up early the next morning and went for the Dalrymple Circuit and Cascades Circuit walk. We especially enjoyed the rainforest part of the track. The scenery is very lush and the walk was beautiful.

Walking on a fallen tree in the rainforest

We saw two snakes on the hike of which one was a massive python which would not move off the track. We carefully tiptoed around it. The other one was a belly black which luckily moved off the track quickly. We would definitely not have tiptoed around that one.

Python on path at Main Range National Park

At the Ridge Track intersection, I decided that I didn't want to do any more hiking after the close encounters with the snakes. So we went back down along the dirt road which was a bit boring but we enjoyed the rest of the trail.

Ferns forest at Main Range National Park

Lookout Road

When we drove out of the camp, we noticed a dirt road saying Lookout Road so we went to check it out. After a while on the road however, we started wondering if it would lead anywhere at all and were just about to turn around when we saw some cars parked.

The track that went from the carpark lead to a nice waterfall named "Araucaria Falls" in which we had a little swim.

Worth the steep 1.8 km walk up and down the hill (very steep!). By then I felt I had done about enough walking for the day and so we agreed on this being our last walk.

But there were two more stops on the road, which were both lookouts, so of course we had a look at them as well. They both provided a wide view over the valley but the second one was even nicer showing Brisbane in the distance on clear days.

Sylvesters Lookout at Main Range National Park

There is a lot more to do and explore around Main Range NP and it is certainly easy to spend more than two days! But we will be back and explore more another time.

Rainforest and creeks Main Range National Park

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