Best Instagram Travel Inspiration

I probably spend too much time admiring other people's pictures of places. But there are just some instagram accounts that come up with pictures so great - it makes you want to go to these places immediately. Looking at their feed is like a mini-holiday and always gives me new ideas of places to go.
So here we go our 6 favorite travel instagram accounts.

#1 gypsea_lust

Wow! Seriously, how can anyone take pictures so perfect?

Finally a day spent exploring our new home - 🌴☼

A photo posted by LAUREN BULLEN (@gypsea_lust) on

#2 melissafindley

The quality of her images is just breathtaking!

A slice of paradise // A place to watch the world and my thoughts fade away • 🌿

A photo posted by Melissa Findley (@melissafindley) on

#3 eljackson

Stunning pictures of Europe and Norway. And the most attractive couple.

What midnight in Norway looks like...

A photo posted by Samuel Taipale (@eljackson) on

#4 mitch.cox

Living the perfect vanlife. Great for Australia inspiration!

Unstable Life - I think this will be home for tonight 👌🏽🚐🌅

A photo posted by Mitch Cox (@mitch.cox) on

#5 doyoutravel

I had been following doyoutravel and gypsea_lust for while! Now they are travelling together... I guess it can't get much more perfect

#6 cleocohen

I had been following cleocohen and mitch.cox for while! I love their van and how they travel frequently.