Bikerafting / Kayaking from Broadwater into Herbert River

Bikerafting / Kayaking from Broadwater into Herbert River

Location - Abergowrie State Forest, North Queensland, Australia
Grade - N/A
Distance - 20 km one way
Time - Approximately 4 hours

The Herbert River is a river located in Far North Queensland, Australia. The southernmost of Queensland's wet tropics river systems, it was named in 1864 by George Elphinstone Dalrymple explorer, after Robert George Wyndham Herbert, the first Premier of Queensland.

Broadwater Creek rapids

This trip will take you on a journey down Broadwater Creek; down small rapids (class 1) and through peaceful rainforest where you feel a sense of serenity. Look up and take in the sounds of birds chirping and flying around overhead. The bird life on this trip is amazing and highly recommended for any bird enthusiast but it's also a perfect trip to relax and unwind and allowing the current take you downstream. I saw a few Kingfishers, a magnificent purple and orange bird, flying around; It's just stunning!

Kayaking down Broadwater Creek

You may come into some problems like fallen trees across the creek or poking up out of the water. It's easy enough to carry you kayak around them or find a way through.

Broadwater Creek fig tree & kayak

There are some points of interest along the way, like the concrete bridge halfway down stream and an old flying fox into the water.

Broadwater Creek
Photo Credit Abraham Pitman

Check out these guys that got a helicopter up to the top and whitewater kayaking down.

The plan - Solo

Drop bike off at bridge.
Drive with kayak to Broadwater
Kayak 20 km down stream
Leave kayak at bridge and ride 17 km to Broadwater
Get car and pick up kayak on way back out

The plan - Car Shuttle

Drop a car off at Herbert River bridge
Drive to Broadwater
Kayak downstream to the bridge
and drive to Broadwater to pick up other car

The plan - Bikerafting (Bikepacking/Packrafting)

Drive to Broadwater
Packraft downstream to the bridge
Then ride your bike to Broadwater to pick up car

Broadwater Creek kayak & rapids

What to bring

  • Water
  • Food and snacks for the day
  • First Aid Kit and PLB
  • Navigation gear
  • Dry bag
  • Camera
  • Personal Protective Equipment (Helmet, Lifejacket, etc)
Broadwater Creek
Photo Credit Abraham Pitman

Interactive Map


Drowning hazards, being impaled in sticks, knocking your head when going down rapids and getting caught under a log are all real possibilities. Also be mindful that there are Saltwater Crocodiles in the Herbert River and they may venture up into Broadwater Creek.

Broadwater Creek
Photo Credit Abraham Pitman
Whitewater in Lower Broadwater Creek

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