A five-star route

Home to South Cascades and Trident Falls, this loop offers "5 star" camping opportunities and several stunning types of ecosystems.

A five-star route

Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 5, on rough track
Distance - Approximately 48 km loop
Duration - Allow 11-16 hours to do the loop

Both Keelbottom Creek and Little Star River flows west off the Paluma Range, through Defence land and then into the Star River. This area is home to Little Star River Gorge (also called South Cascades) and Trident Falls in Keelbottom Creek. The one is one of those highlights that make a great walk.

According to members of the Townsville Bushwalking Club, Keelbottom Creek to Little Star River is a "5-star" route. The Club is said to have even taken a rope to rappel off a cliff for an extra bit of fun.

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