Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - ~7 km one-way depending on route taken
Duration - ~3-4 hrs one way to reach pool
Elevation grain - ~250 metres
Grade - 5

There are several favourite creeks that are usually in peak condition by May, and one of the most spectacular and interesting creeks is Leichhardt Creek. Leichhardt Creek is a good early season creek to walk in. There is a rather long rock-hop up this creek and one difficult section where it is necessary to climb 'up and over' to get round the gorge. The top swimming hole, which can be reached by lunchtime, and there are numerous other opportunities to swim along this interesting creek.

It is best accessed via private property so prior permission is required if taking this route. As of 2019, Leichhardt Creek is no longer accessible via private property at the base of the range due to a change of ownership.