Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - ~7 km one way dependending on route taken
Duration - ~3-4 hrs one way to reach pool
Elevation grain - ~250 metres
Grade - 5

Note - As of 2019, Leichhardt Creek no longer accessible due to a change of ownership. There may be another route to take.

There are several favourite creeks which are usually in peak condition by May, and one of the most spectacular and interesting creeks is Leichhardt Creek. Leichhardt Creek is a good early season creek to walk in. There is a rather long rock-hop up this creek and one difficult section where it is necessary to climb 'up and over' to get round the gorge. The top swimming hole, which can be reached by lunchtime, and there are numerous other opportunities to swim along this interesting creek.

Leichhardt Creek runs from the Bluewater Range and crosses the highway between Bluewater Creek and Rollingstone Creek. It is reached by crossing private land, and cars are usually parked at the homestead quite a long way up the creek – even so it is still a long morning's walk to reach the upper swimming pool, which is the absolute highlight of this walk. An easy twenty minute walk to the creek edge. Wet rocks make rock hopping along creek challenging, and this is no exception. Plenty of pools to swim in. Large granite boulders need to be negotiate before reaching the main waterfall and pool.

It is not a particularly steep or difficult creek, though it is rather long, and there is one place where it is prefered to climb up a steep hill out of the creek in order to get round a gorge in the central section of the route.

Walkers should be familiar with the art of creek rock-hopping.

This creek is assumed to be named after Ludwig Leichhardt who was a German explorer and naturalist. He is famous for his exploration of northern and central Australia.

What to take

All the usual day walk stuff, especially including insect repellent, sunscreen, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and any other snacks you feel necessary to get through the day. Small personal first aid kit is advisable: band-aids, bandage, painkillers, and any other things you may require.  

Interactive Map

All photos, including the cover photo, are by Keith Dyson