Moselle Cycle Route - Fellering to Trier to Koblenz

Moselle Cycle Route - Fellering to Trier to Koblenz

The Moselle Cycle Route, also known as "Le Chemin de la Moselle" or "Velo Tour Moselle", is a long-distance cycle path in France and Germany along the Moselle. The route goes through a blooming and rich landscape in the Moselle Valley. The landscape is characterised by sunny vineyards, steep hillsides, picturesque wine villages and romantic towns. Winding along the river, through the heart of nature as well as through small villages and towns, the Moselle Cycle Route leads through 248 kilometres of diverse landscape; rambling and secluded in parts, pretty spectacular in others.

The Moselle Cycle Route starts in Fellering, France, meets Perl in Germany and ends at Koblenz, Germany and follows the course of the Moselle River and is also almost all downhill. People looking for a shorter route often start in Trier, Germany. Near Trier, where the Saar flows into the Moselle, it meets the Saar Cycle Route. Trier is Germany's oldest town and a great place to explore Roman history. The route then follows the course of the Moselle downriver towards Koblenz, through remarkable vineyard scenery with many cultural treasures, and castles to explore.

Moselle Cycle Route

The Moselle winds its way down past picturesque villages strung out along its banks. Bernkastel-Kues, Traben-Trarbach, Cochem, and Beilstein provide delightful medieval backdrops, and the castles and ruins towering above the towns and vineyards offer grand views. The excellent wines of the regions are available for tasting from wine growers, in vineyards, wine cellars or at one of the many local wine festivals.

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