Mossy Falls

Mossy Falls
Cover photo by Keith Dyson

Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Grade - 1, car accessible
Distance - 10 metres
Time - 1 minutes
Travel Time - 1 hour 45 minutes from Townsville City
Travel Distance - 98 kilometres from Townsville City

Located in Paluma Range National Park (right next to the Paluma Dam Road), these falls are a spectacular sight and are commonly photographed as they are easily accessible. You have likely seen them before as you drove to the Paluma Dam.

Arthur Benham's track no longer exists but it roughly followed where the Paluma Dam Road is today. It's it very likely that Benham knew about these falls though Benham didn't name anything after himself. It is not known if these falls has an original name but the name Mossy Falls is commonly to be used amongst photographers today.

Keith Dyson has taken an annual photo of these falls for the past several years. There are often subtle differences each year due to the rain season and waterflow.

How to get there

From Townsville, drive north to the Paluma turn off and continue up the range to the village. Continue to to the Paluma Dam Road. The waterfall is located just after Little Birthday Creek bridge (-18.964936, 146.160947). Park your car of the road as far as you can and walk a few metres in.

Interactive Map

Photos by Keith Dyson

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