Mountain Biking Trails on Mo'orea Island, French Polynesia

Mountain Biking Trails on Mo'orea Island, French Polynesia

Location - Mo'orea, French Polynesia

There is an extensive trail network on Moorea and modern signposts and markers have been installed in 2016. There is a good map of both cycling and hiking trails on the road to Belvedere Lookout - look for the information post on the side of the road.

Interactive Map

Take bug spray and lots of water - it's hot, humid and plenty of insects. The routes also tend to be muddy and slippery. Consider taking a dry bag for your electronics if it starts to rain.

1. Matapo'opo'o

A short and easy loop, crossing fields and orchards with a beautiful views of Mt Rotui.

2. Vaipihaa

A perfect introduction to mountain biking in the shade of wild pines and hibiscus. An easy loop.

3. Apati

A loop of condensed landscape consisting of forest, pineapple fields, and small streams. This route is also rideable with an ATV.

4. Amehiti

For the young and old alike, this short loop takes you through a caldera with fields of pineapple, pine trees and mahogany forests.

5. Tepatu

A varied loop in the shadow of Mount Rotui and in the sunshine when in the pineapple fields but these are interspersed with shady sections and small streams.

6. Fare 'aito

This one-way trip is full of sensations running parallel to the road. With the trailhead starting just below the Belvedere Lookout, this trial flows through the shade of pine tree forests and come back out to the road near Lycee Agricole Opunohu. The trail then dives right back into the forests continuing your downhill journey back to the trailhub.

7. Rotui

A long loop with alternating views crossings pineapple fields with shaded sections. A few steep sections requiring some effort.

8. Toa nui

An exhaustive loop, mainly through forest, at the base of the caldera. Large roots and the stones testing your technical abilities and balance. This trail is great of mountain bikers who have more endurance.

9. Cycle around Mo'orea Island

Distance - 62 km
Duration - 3-5 hours
Elevation gain - 196 m

Not mountain biking per say but it's a must do. Mo'orea is relatively flat with just a few minor hills, making it perfect for cycling and gives a good overview of the island. Zooming between jagged peaks and startlingly blue water, you'll find plenty of stunning places to stop along the way and capture the moment.

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