Mount Mou'apū

Mount Mou'apū

Location - Mo'orea, French Polynesia

Mount Mou'apu, also written Moua Pū, is 762 m in elevation and can be recognised by its iconic archway on it's eastern ridge and its pyramid-like shape.

Mt Mou'apu archway
Mt Mou'apu archway

The three main ridges leading up to its summit are steep and minor cliffs make the summit unreachable.

Mt Mou'aroa (Shark's Tooth) and Mt Mou'apu
Mt Mou'aputa, Mt Mou'aroa (Shark's Tooth), and Mt Mou'apu

The soil is loose and the rock crumbly. On the eastern side, a curtin of rock can been seen between Mou'apu and Mou'aroa infocing the idea that it's impenetrable. On western side of the peak, Uufau Pass provides a crossing through the centre of the island.

View from Mt Mou'aputa ridge
View from Mt Mouaputa ridge (left to right: Tohiea, Tamartoofa, Tepatiri, Ruahiti, Mouaroa, Mouapu, Atiati)

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