Mount Tohive'a, also spelt Tohi'e'a, Tohiea, and Tohivea, is a volcanic peak and the highest point on the island of Mo'orea in French Polynesia at 1,207 metres and is located near the island centre. On its slopes are many streams and fertile soils. During heavy rain, waterfalls stretch across the upper section peak's slopes and can be seen all around the island making for a sight to be seen.

Mo'orea is about 10 miles in width from the west to the east. The highest point is Mount Tohi'e'a, near the center of Mo'orea and right beside Mount Tamarutofa (916 m) and Mount Mou'aroa (880 m). together they dominate the vista from the two bays and can be seen from the island of Tahiti. There are also hiking trails in the mountains.

There are hiking trails along the summit close to Belvedere Point where people can view Mont Routui and the two bays and three peninsulas of Moorea. Mount Tohivea is a dormant volcano that is easily visible from Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia. The surrounding peaks are almost as tall as Mount Tohive'a. These include Mount Rotui (899 m), Mount Mou'aroa (880 m) – both of which can be seen from Belvedere Point – Mou'aputa (830 m), and Mou'a Tamaru To'ofa (916 m).

There is very little information available on Tohive'a, however Mike Kelsey, author of the Climbers and Hikers Guide to the Worlds Mountains, 4th edition, states that the mountain is "almost impossible to climb and thus won't be included in the book". The local climbing club, have climbed this mountain from the east but it is extremely difficult and not recommended due to the steep terrain and loose soil and vegetation.

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