Nandroya Falls

Nandroya Falls
Cover photo by @plentyofdust

Location - Wooroonooran National Park, Far North Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 2/3, easy
Distance - 6.6 kilometres, return
Time - 1-2 hours, return, depending on fitness and time spent at the pools

Nandroya Falls Track is a popular on-track walk through dense rainforest and is located near Palmerston, Queensland, Australia. It features the stunning, multi-drop, 50-metre waterfall which is accessed via the six-kilometre loop trail as well as Silver Creek Falls. The trail is accessible year-round with camping possibilities and several other trails in the vicinity.

nandroya falls
Photo credit: @exploring_withem

Interactive Map

silver creek falls
Silver Creek Falls; Photo credit: @workfortravel

What to bring

  • Appropriate footwear
  • Enough water for the hike
  • A camera to capture the moments
  • Remember insect repellent as March Flies are abundant
  • Take some togs for a swim in the pool at the falls
Photo credit: Keith Dyson


Be aware of snakes and cassowaries that may be on the track.

See also Palmerston Doongan walks

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