Ollera Creek and Ollera Falls

Ollera Creek offers many great waterfalls, with most beautiful being Big Ollera Falls. This area also has many rock slides, gorgeous swimming holes, and Lizard Gorge to enjoy.

Ollera Creek and Ollera Falls

Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - approximately 16 km return
Time - Allow 8-10 hours return
Grade - 5, difficult

UPDATE 2019: The Ollera Creek Track was recut by Michael Mohring, his friends, and some other members of the public (including members of the Wanderstories community). Now the trail is well-marked up to Mickle's Entry (see interactive map below). Note that the start of this track has not been recut, however, as most people access via private property after gaining permission from the property owners.

Ollera Creek has so much to offer, especially great waterfalls, but also many rock slides and gorgeous swimming holes. Arguably, the most beautiful waterfall in this area is Big Ollera Falls. The area also hosts a stunning creek with a six square kilometre catchment above Ollera Falls, which means that you will experience good flow in the creek year-round.

It is best accessed via private property so prior permission is required if taking this route.

Some of the rocks in Ollera Creek are quite unusual for the area, having sharp, jagged edges instead of the normal round river rocks characteristic of many of the nearby streams. There are many landslides in the area too, which is also uncommon for Paluma Range National Park.

This walk can be done return in one day, but it is recommended to camp overnight (permit required) at the main falls to fully enjoy the journey.

The Townsville Bushwalking Club walk in the area often.