Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Grade - 1, car accessible
Travel Time - 1 hour from Townsville City
Travel Distance - 70 kilometres from Townsville City

This waterfall trail only appears after heavy rain and flood events when these creek and waterfalls come to life. These seasonal waterfalls are hidden off to the side of Paluma Range Road (also known as Mount Spec Road) and are quite a special sight to see. With gorgeous creeks and waterfalls at every corner, this journey makes for a great photography trip.

The following creeks may be in flow:

  • Lorna Creek
  • Wolfram Creek
  • Mainden Hair Fern Creek
  • Reedy Creek
  • Noah's Ark Creek
  • Fairy Falls
  • Little Crystal Falls
  • Mountain Falls
  • Twin Falls
  • as well as several unnamed falls

Towards the Paluma village are stone retaining walls on the side of the road when the road is built in 1932/1933.

Paluma Range Road Waterfalls (Flood of 2019); Video Credit: @microholiday

Interactive Map


  • Check to see if the road is open before driving up north. Note that during floods, the road is closed and only accessible via walking or cycling.
  • Take caution when driving on the narrow and wet road and drive to conditions.
  • Park in appropriate spots if getting out of the car.
  • Don't stop in the middle of the road and be aware of the vehicles in front and behind you.
  • Tree falling and landslides are common during heavy rain, especially if there's also heavy winds.
Cover photo of Mountain Creek Falls by David Lynam