Peet's Falls

Peet's Falls has been a popular place to enjoy for many years now. A new trail takes you to these wonderful falls.

Peet's Falls

Location - Wooroonooran National Park, Far North Queensland, Australia
Distance - Approximately 5 km return
Duration - Allow 2 hours return
Difficulty - Grade 4, on-track

Peet's Falls are located in the Goldsborough Valley, about 30

minutes from Cairns, and provide a great place to cool off and swim. Peet's Falls has been a popular place to enjoy for many years now. However, access is no longer available by the neighbouring private property. A new track has been established that takes you up and over the ridgeline and down into Peet's Falls.

peets falls cairns
Peet's Falls; photo credit: @haggisspringrolls

How to get there

The new trail starts near the end of Fossiker Close and goes through Fossiker Close Park. The track is fairly rough with the majority of the track being marked with pink flagging tape along the ridgeline. Once you've made your way through the thick rainforest, you'll arrive at the top of the falls. Here, you are rewarded with views down the valley and a cool breeze being funnelled up the valley.

Video by @amarmaglic

There are two main falls, both equally impressive. There is a rough path with a fixed rope in place that takes you down to the lower falls.

Peets Falls fnq

Interactive Map

peets falls
Peet's Falls; Photo credit: @sslothyy


  • Do not trespass and respect the locals
  • Leave no trace and pick up after other people
  • Be mindful of slippery rocks, cliff edges, and steep areas
  • The track is not always well-defined and the less experienced may find themselves lost if they are not paying close attention
  • The best time of year is winter (April - September)
  • Avoid mid-day heat in Summer
  • Remember to take enough water
  • Wear appropriate footwear and clothing
  • Insect repellent is also a good idea

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