Return Canyon

Location - Mount Zero-Taravale, North Queensland, Australia
Grade - V3 A3 III * (French Grading System)
Approach - 700 metres, 5 minutes depending on route
Descent - 500 metres, 1.5-3 hours for 4-6 people
Exit - 400 metres, 0.5-1 hour depending on route
Total time - Allow 6 hours on first trip
Full course - 1.6 km circuit
Elevation loss - 100 metres
Flash flooding level - High
First descentists - Unknown; possibly Gary Abraham and company

Return canyon penetrates the valley rim with a rocky outcrop providing a stunning vantage point across the landscape and bestows the view with a glimpse down into the gorge. This stunning gorge drops off steeply with 100 metre, terraced waterfall.


Walk down the short walking track to the top of the canyon. Stop off at the lookout for grand views across the escarpment.


R1 ~30m NA-TL

Abseil from tree onto ledge

R2 ~50m NA-TL

Abseil from tree to ledge

R3 ~40m NA-TR

Abseil from crack/nut/wires to pool/pack swim

Scramble and swim past boulders and pools.


Continue until the canyon opens up and you can locate the ridge on the right. Follow that back up to the track and vehicles.