Running River and Tributaries

Puzzle Creek and Deception Creek flow into Running River and provide waterfalls and deep gorges to explore. This dry, yet picturesques area has much history and natural beauty to find.

Running River and Tributaries

Location - Hidden Valley (near Townsville), North Queensland, Australia
Distance - Depends on route plan
Duration - Depends on route plan
Grade - 4-5 depending on route plan

Running River is located in Hidden Valley, Queensland vicinity. Apparently, it's named Running River because the river flows all year round, which is uncommon in the dry bushland landscape. Puzzle Creek and Deception Creek flow into Running River and then the river flows into the Burdekin River. Both Running River and Star River contribute sizable proportions of flow in the Burdekin River. Not far away from this area is Paluma Range National Park and the Mount Zero-Taravale Nature Reserve which also has its own very similar gorges and waterfalls.

Areas covered in this article are Running River Gorge, Running River Falls, Puzzle Creek, Burden Falls, Thunderbolt Creek, Communist Cave, Goanna Mine, Deception Creek Gorge, and the Hidden Valley hikes.

The Townsville Bushwalking Club often hike in this area so it's best to contact them for information on their next walk in the vicinity.

highline running river
Photo credit: @jameskaczmarek

Running River Gorge and Falls are best accessed via the Hidden Valley Station (private property). However, you can also access it via Zig Zag Station (private property) and Mount Zero-Taravale (private property) - prior permission is required for access.

Zig Zag Station also offers camping and have a few mini-gorges along the river on their property - prior permission is required.

These areas are best accessed via private property and prior permission is needed if taking routes.