Stinky Creek

Stinky Creek

Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - Grade 5, bushwalking experience recommended
Duration - Depends on route
Distance - Depends on route
Flash flooding level - High

This creek is used to pump water from Paluma Dam to Crystal Creek at the base of the range where the Intake Plant picks up the water again. For this reason, the creek can flash flood and catch you off-guard. You can also follow the rough track along the water pipe from Culvert 81 on the Dam Road to where it flows into Stinky Creek. Continue into the bush for another 300 metres to the Paluma Village to Paluma Dam Track.

Stinky Creek named by Wilfred Karnoll and company because the water that is piped to the creek smells. There is no reference to the creek name found on old maps or in historical books.

This creek, or the neighbouring ridgeline, allows for access to the base of Crystal Falls without the assistance of ropes.

Interactive Map

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