The best walks in Girraween National Park

The best walks in Girraween National Park

How to spend your days at Girraween National Park

Girraween National Park is in the granite belt region and is only a short drive from Main Range National Park. There are lots of beautiful wineries and eateries along the road. We stayed at Girraween National Park for two nights enjoying the stunning scenery of ancient rock formations, witnessing spectacular sunrises and sunsets and having coffee in a lovely café nearby.

Balancing Rock at The Pyramid, Girraween National Park

Where to stay

There are two National Park camping places next to each other. We stayed at the Bald Rock camping area which can be booked via the Queensland National Park's website. Castle Rock camping area is also near by and is just as nice. We paid $26 for two people for two nights. The camping place was pretty busy when we booked, but it had hot showers! Definitely a win! The Bald Rock camping area is conveniently located right next to the walks. (Flushing) toilets and, did I mention the hot(!) showers which were nice and clean.

Depending on the season it might be clever to book in advance. Places can only be booked online, but the visitor centre right next to it provides wifi, in case you forget.

What to do

Girraween has a few great walking tracks, including some with amazing views from the top of impressive rock formations. We have also witnessed some of the most spectacular sunrises and sunsets at Girraween National Park.

Exploring the Underground Creek at Girraween National Park
Underground Creek

On our first day we went to Underground Creek exploring the cool rock formations, the water had carved into the stones. It is a great place to explore and nothing like I had seen before.

Climbing inside the Underground Creek at Girraween National Park

You can even climb into the underground creek looking at the smooth rocks and climbing and scrambling through the little caves.

The Underground Creek at Girraween NP

Pyramid Rocks

The other place I really wanted to go to was Pyramid Rocks. The walk takes about 45 - 60 minutes from the visitor centre and is steep. And I mean really steep! But the scenery, with all the rock formations and huge granite boulders, is great! So don't miss this one.

Jumping rock to rock at the Pyramid, Girraween NP

On the way up to the Pyramids you can stop off at the Granite Arch - a natural archway formed by boulders. To me this felt like "officially" stepping into Girraween National Park.

Granite Arch at Girraween National Park

I would also recommend to plan your hike around sunset or sunrise. Out of the two, I think the sunset was even more spectacular - plus it did not involve getting up early.

Sunrise at The Pyramid, Girraween National Park

Standing at the top of Pyramid Rocks, overlooking the valley and the surrounding rock formations, while the sun sets is definitely a view, I won't forget so quickly and made me forget my burning calf muscles.

Sunset at The Pyramid, Girraween National Park

Is it time for coffee yet?

The only thing I usually miss out on when staying in National Parks is my daily dose of really good coffee. The great thing about staying in Girraween National Park was, that it was close to a few cafés and handmade chocolate shops, vineyards and so on. So this one is definitely a place for food and nature lovers!

Coffee at a cafe near Girraween National Park

Have you been to Girraween NP? What were your favorite walks? Leave a comment below :)

Sunset at Girraween National Park with Anna Lansing and Luen Warneke

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