Gilbert's Dome, Hodgson Range

Gilbert's Dome is a remarkable mountain that is rarely climbed on the Hodgson Range. Gilbert's Dome is named after John Gilbert who was an English explorer and naturalist.

Gilbert's Dome, Hodgson Range
Cover photo by @r.o.han_

Location - Isaac Region, Central Queensland, Australia
Distance - ~5 km return depending on starting location
Duration - ~5-8 hours return. Depends on where you start, less than a day's walk
Grade - 5, off-track and steep
Access - Access is via private property and prior permission is needed

Located between the inland townships of Clermont and Dysart in Central Queensland, Gilbert's Dome (735 m) is a remarkable mountain that is rarely climbed. Gilbert's Dome with a small cave just under the summit. The Hodgson Range is a northeast off-branch of Peak Range and forms Gilbert's Dome. It's rarely visited as it's on private property.

The Hodgson Range is entirely on private property and access requires prior permission from the landowner.

From the summit, you are rewarded with views of Mount Donald (755 m), Lords Table Mountain (745 m) and Anvil Peak (737 m) to the north and Eastern Peak (635 m), Charley's Peak (625 m), Brown's Peak (805 m), Scott's Peak (815 m), Roper's Peak (765 m) to the southeast.

YouTube video of an ascent made in 2012