Trail Maintenance Reports

Trail Maintenance Reports

We have some local legends that put a lot of time, sweat, muscle, and experience into keeping our favourite tracks clear and safe for us to enjoy. Here's a list of work that has been done on the trails in order to keep them open for use.

Note that Wilfred Karnoll and his friends organise the trails to be cleared and are the main group that maintains the Paluma tracks. They are the official volunteers for the Mount Spec and Paluma trail network.

Trails cleared in Townsville and surrounding namely Paluma Range National Park:

Care is taken to keep an accurate record and we attempt to keep the disturbance of nature (flora and fauna) to a minimum. Note that most current trails are built on old tin mining and logging roads. Rumour has it that some of the old tin mining tracks were based on Aboriginal trails.

If you happen to come across a major tree fall while you are walking, email Wilfred Karnoll or Wanderstories so we can schedule maintenance in that area. Be mindful not to leave the track unless you can clearly see where it continues as it can be very easy to become disorientated and lost in the thick rainforest of Paluma Range.

Also, see the listing (also run by a member of the official volunteers).