Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - 5, difficult
Distance - ~21 kilometres return
Time - ~9 hours return

Explore upper Gold Creek. It's a long circuit but are rewarded with this lush rainforest walk through flat, sandy creek bed. This off-track walk showcases Foxlee's Lookout, Gold Creek Falls, and Crystal Creek Falls. One of the cool features of the creek is that when in flood, the creek overflows into Cairn Creek which means that it flows into both Gold Creek and Cairn Creek. This divergence is a rare sight to see.

Interactive Map

Start by hiking to Foxlee's Lookout with the option to stop off at the tin mining area and explore the mines and wine cellar en-route.

After breaking at Foxlee's Lookout and taking in the views, you have the option to walk to Mount Leach and then make your way down into the valley to find the upper reaches of Gold Creek.

Walk downstream the winding nature of the creek passing many beautiful trees, lush rainforest ferns and some small cascade like features.

Granite slabs begin to appear and announce the track in near. Once at the track, walk down to Gold Creek Falls before exiting via Crystal Creek Falls. You may wish to enjoy a swim at Crystal Creek Falls Lagoon on your way back.