So we have had this idea of writing a blog in our minds for quite a while - to somehow collect, sort and publish our trips & advenutres, the information we gathered and the pictures we've taken. But for me the most difficult thing is to get started. I like things to be perfect from the beginning. But eventually I figured it's never going to be and we would have to start at some point.

So I guess finally we just got started and this is the result. Our first imperfect baby steps in sharing our love for travelling and the great outdoors. So welcome to Wanderstories! We hope you enjoy our stories and if you do, leave some love and feel free to share!


All North Queensland hikes are graded from 1 through to 10; 1 being Castle Hill's Cutheringa Track and 10 being the strenuous, off-track Mt Elliot or similar).

Anna & Luen

I organise adventures every weekend around Townsville. If you are fit and capable, join us on these free expeditions by visiting Townsville Advenutres.

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Anna Lansing, Luen Warneke

  • Anna Lansing

    Anna Lansing

    I am all about places that make my heart jump, food that makes my mouth water & memories that I want to keep in a jar. This is a place where I share my inspiration and stories with you.

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    Anna Lansing
  • Luen Warneke

    Luen Warneke

    Adventurer first, content maker second. I love to explore the great outdoors no matter the expedition. There are so many activities that allow us to connect with nature and one another.

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    Luen Warneke