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Why you should get up early to see the Bunya Mountains

The Bunya Mountains are just a short drive from Brisbane and still feel like a world away. Since we planned on seeing the fireworks for New Year's Eve in Brisbane but did not want to stay the whole day in the city, we decided to spend the first half of the day in the Bunya Mountains. We camped the night before at Koehler's Park which was a nice and quiet spot, just a short drive from the mountains and it did not cost us anything.

Bridge in Bunya Mountains

Rise and shine

Make sure to get up early to see the mountains in the most beautiful light and have the tracks all to yourself. We enjoyed the sunrise from Fisher's Lookout where you get a nice view over the valley.

Sunrise at Fisher's Lookout

We then decided to do the Cascade Circuit which is an easy 4.6 km return track through the forest. It offers a few waterfalls and a lookout as well. The light is very special in the morning and we took a long time to complete the walk, stopping at all the beautiful spots. Also you might still be lucky to spot some lazy wallabies!

Bunya Pines in the Bunya Mountains

The reason the Bunya mountains are called Bunya mountains, is because of the beautiful huge Bunya pines that can be found in the forest. They make you feel tiny but are very majestic trees.

Wallaby on cascade circuit in Bunya Mountains
Light in the morning on the Cascade Circuit in the Bunya Mountains

Time for coffee

Once we had finished the walk, we headed to Café ELZ for a coffee and some cookies. While we sat down, enjoying our coffee and the view we watched more and more people arriving and heading out for the walk. Good thing we had been so early!
Coffee from Café Elz at Bunya Mountains

Walk some more

The Bunya mountains offer a variety of walks so that we decided to also have a look at Paradise Falls, Little and Big Falls. However, we both thought that the first walk was a lot nicer and Big and Little Falls did not have any water. But that might have also been because the light was not as special anymore and there were more people out and about. So make sure to get up early, it's worth it!

The pictures below are still from the Cascade Circuit.
Hiker at the Bunya Mountains
Girl walking Cascade Circuit at Bunya Mountains
Girl walking Cascade Circuit at Bunya Mountains
Girl walking Cascade Circuit at Bunya Mountains

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