Visit Wallaman Falls

Australia's highest permanent single-drop waterfall can be found in the Girringun National Park and is definitely worth a visit!

Visit Wallaman Falls

Location: Girringun National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance: 2.4 kilometres return for the track to the bottom of the falls
Duration: Allow 1-2 hours return
Grade: 3, easy but steep

Australia's highest permanent single-drop waterfall can be found in the Girringun National Park and is definitely worth a visit!

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How to get there

The falls are about a two hour drive from Townsville and easy to reach. Drive towards Ingham and then turn left following the signs leading you to the falls. The last part of the route is gravel road but suitable for normal cars.

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What to do

Once you get to the falls, there is a great lookout which gives you a beautiful first impression of those falls. They definitely deserve their title as the highest permanent single-drop waterfall!

After knowing what to expect, you should not miss the chance to actually catch some of that waterfall mist and make your way down the track to the waterfall.

The trek starts off paved and easy but does get a bit rockier and more slippery as you make your way down. It's a 30/40 minute hike and the views are definitely worth it.

Once you get to the bottom you can go for a swim, however this requires to climb over some super slippery rocks and might therefore not be everybody's thing. The water also cannot exactly be described as "warm". Hiking the track back up though will warm you up for sure!

Up for something more extreme? Check out some of the extreme activities you can get up to at Wallaman Falls.

Bottom of Wallaman Falls

What to take

The camping place at wallaman is equipped with a self-composting toilet, a (freezing cold) shower, and picnic tables and benches. There are also fire pits provided. So bringing your own timber (and damper) is a great idea. The permits can be easily purchased online. There is no drinking water supplied so that you should bring enough or sterilise water from the creek.

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