Babinda Creek is located in Far North Queensland near the township of Babinda. It's a popular place for tourists to swim and see the Babinda Boulders. There are lots of beautiful swimming holes along the way. The Wet Tropics are one of the wettest areas in Australia. It's one of the best, if not the best, adventures I've been on. Beautiful mountain summit views, abseiling down waterfalls, hiking trails, and pack swims...

Babinda Slides

Babinda Slides is the name of a waterfall upstream of Babinda Creek. The whitewater of the waterfall cascades down a rock slab for about 200m down into a pool. It's clearly visible from aerial imagery. It's a perfect place to swim with your mates and the best thing is that there's a walking track right up to it.

Babinda Slides

To access the start of the bush track, you must first walk about 450m along the Goldfield Trail. There will be an opening to the creek where you cross to the otherside. There will be a dry creek bed that you follow and you will begin to see the first of the pink and orange tape.

The route is approximately 3.2 km in distance and usually take about an hour. The walk is easy to follow and generally flat with some steep sections. The track ends a couple hundred metres below the slides. Rock hop and scramble up left of the creek to the slides.

Babinda Slides

There is a rope swing also just below Babinda Slides.

Babinda Slides swimming pool

The beauty doesn't stop here. If you walk left up beside Babinda Slides, you will find a two tier waterfall system.

Babinda Falls

Along the way there are countless places to stop along the creek go for a swim, fill up water bottles. Take some secateurs to cut the wait-a-while and help keep the track open. Beware that gimpe gimpie (stinging trees) are present in this area.

Babinda Creek Swimming Pool

Interactive Map

Here's an interactive map of the area: