Location - Townsville, North Queensland, Australia

Located near Kelso, Rasmussen, and Bohle Plains, Gumlow is a large local that extends out to the Pinnacles. This area is accessed via Bowhunters Road, Bohle Road, South Beck Drive, or Woodfield Road. There are also some dirt trails at the end of Landberg Road.

This is a popular place to ride and four-wheel drive. Since this land is in the public domain, you are required to have a road registered vehicle and abided by all the road rules.

As usual, a code of conduct must be followed to maintain access to the area. You don't want there to be a reason why we are locked out of more places around Townsville (Forestry Road, Ollera Creek, Mount Louisa, Dalberg). Local delinquents have previously dumped garbage alongside the dirt access road. If you witness any illegal dumping report them to the Townsville Council on 1300 878 001. Taking note of the vehicle's registration number, make, model, time, date and location is required to help eradicate these pests.

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