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Frederick Peak, Pinnacles

Despite the name, Frederick's Peak also refers to a number of rocky pinnacles in the area and is commonly referred to as 'Freds Peaks' or just plain 'Freds' to the regular rock climbers. The walk in can be a bit of a mission if you don't have at least a four wheel-drive or a ute with high clearance, but it is worth it. Although there isn't any creeks or waterholes, the environment, and of course the hike, is spectacular.

North and South Sentinels, Frederick Peak, South Pinnacle

Fredericks Peak is located just outside of Townsville and offers a superb view of the entire city. Unlike Mt Stuart, the area offers views from Townsville Dam to the coast at Northern Beaches. Four prominent pinnacles are situated on the side of Hervey's Range; which includes the North and South Sentinels, Frederick Peak and, off in the distance, the South Pinnacle. The surrounding arid environment is home to a large variety of wildlife.

I made it

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Doing an overnighter

Camping is possible, although there are no amenities available obviously. There is a large area situated on the ridgeline between the North and South Sentinels to set up camp; which provides a great view of Townsville and a cool breeze. There is also a very tiny dirt patch on top of Frederick Peak for two people to set up a small tent.

Campsite between the North and South Sentinels:
Camping in hammocks at Fredericks Peak
Camping on the ridgeline between the North and South Sentinels, Fredericks Peak
Campsite at the top of Fredericks Peak:
Camping at the top of Fredericks Peak
Campfire at Fredericks Peak

It's a great place to watch the Townsville Show Day fireworks and to take in the city lights.
Townsville fireworks from Frederick Peak

How to get there

Drive out towards Rupertswood on Hervey Range Road and turn left down Granite Vale Road; it's the only road on the left just before Rupertswood. Once you reach the large 1000 kva power lines, turn left and follow the dirt track all the way to the locked gate & fence line. If you have a low clearance vehicle, you can leave the car here otherwise continue right up the 4WD track to the base of the first Sentinel.

The walk-in is uphill, loose in sections, overgrown and difficult to follow at night; Over the last years being frequented by rock climbers, there is now a noticeable, rough path trampled up to the first campsite.

The weather at Frederick Peak is similar to the rest of Townsville. There isn't any water up there for almost all of the year but if you're very lucky, there may be a little stream; after some long and heavy rain, there will be a trickle down a small creek bed between the South Sentinel and Fredericks Peak. The wet season lies between December to March. Summer can be extremely hot, so carry plenty of water and I would recommend at least 2 liters of water per person per day in Winter.

Fredericks Peak, Townsville


There are a few hazardous creatures you may encounter on this adventure. These include Rainforest Scorpion, Yellow Paper Wasp, Death Adder, and Queensland Tarantula. Don't let this deter you, it is Australia after all. Remember to take a first aid kit.
Don't throw rocks off the cliffs as rock climbers may be below.

North Sentinel near Fredericks Peak, Townsville

The rock climbing here is some of the best in Townsville! The rock is Intrusive Rhyolite and is well featured. The scenery can be breathtaking. Due to it's remoteness, and perhaps the relatively small climbing community in Townsville, it took quite some time before Frederick Peak really took off. If you're an inexperienced climber, try the more user-friendly crags such as Mt Stuart or Castle Hill. If you are a avid and expericed climber, read the Frederick's Peak Climbing Guide.

At the top of Fredericks Peak; The South Pinnacle in the distance

As usual, a code of conduct must be followed to maintain access to the area. You don't want there to be a reason why we are locked out of more places around Townsville (Forestry Road, Ollera Creek, Dalberg). Local delinquents have previously dumped garbage alongside the dirt access road. If you witness any illegal dumping report them to the Townsville Council on 1300 878 001. Taking note of the vehicle's registration number, make, model, time, date and location is required to help eradicate these pests.

Top of Frederick Peak looking down

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