Bullocky Tom's Creek

This hike appeals to those that enjoy hiking in the cooler conditions and rock hopping. Named Bullocky Tom's Creek after this early settler, Thomas Andrews as it boarded his property.

Bullocky Tom's Creek
Cover photo by Keith Dyson

Location - Paluma Range National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - ~10 km depending on route taken
Duration - ~7-8 hours
Elevation grain - ~500-700 metres
Grade - 5, for experienced bushwalkers

This creek is named after Thomas Edward Andrews, nicknamed Bullocky Tom, who was born in 1848 in Wicklow, Ireland. Andrews made his home at the junction of Big Crystal Creek and Little Crystal Creek and lived there with his wife, Ruth, and their children. After his death on 13th January 1897, Andrews was buried at Mount Ruth, a hill next to Big Crystal Creek. Andrews is well-known for the Bullocky Tom's Track which was the most-used pack-track up the coastal escarpment and provided supplies to the Mount Spec tin miners. This small creek that bordered Thomas Andrew's property was named Bullocky Tom's Creek after this early settler.

Please note that the land access at the bottom of the range (Volk Road) is via Private Property and prior permission is required. Do not trespass.