Cairn Creek

Cairns Creek is a unique creek in Paluma Range due to the overflow of Gold Creek in flood.

Cairn Creek
Cover photo by Kris Maguire

Cairn Canyon

Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Skill Level - A difficult and strenuous day trip
Distance - 15 km return
Total time - 6-10 hours
Difficulty - Grade 5, off-track
Approach - 2-3 hours
Descent - 4-7 hours for 4-6 people
Exit - 30 minutes
Elevation loss - Approximately 400 metres
Flash flooding level - High
Longest rappel - 15 m
First Descentists (roped) - Adrian Garnett and Kris Maguire 2022

Cairns Creek is an interesting one, perhaps one of the more unique creeks of Paluma Range. When Gold Creek is in flood, the water overflows into Cairn Creek which means that it flows into both Gold Creek and Cairn Creek. This divergence is a rare sight to see.