Location - Paluma Range National Park, Queensland, Australia
Difficulty - 5, moderate to difficult, off-track
Distance -  ~18 kilometres return
Time - allow 7-9 hours return

This fern-filled creek is best done during or just after the wet season when there's a bit of flow in the creek. There are no large waterfalls in this creek but there are several small cascades. The lush waterway is in the heart of Paluma Range National Park with no noticeable mining history in the creek, unlike that of the surrounding waterways (i.e., Dolby Creek and Crystal Creek).

See also The Blue Lagoon (Three Lagoons Hike).

Interactive Map

How to get there

Starting at Paluma Dam, hike in towards Junction 29. Continue on (left) towards Junction 24. Continue across the creek and approximately 550m onwards to at which point you will make your way off-track (right). Continue to follow the gully down into Double Barrel Creek.

Make your way downstream for several hours passing cascades.  

Notice how the creek changes from rock steep sections to gentle flowing flat sections. There may be some hidden water races in the area but none were seen.

After a few hours, you will arrive at the junction with Crystal Creek.

From here, follow Crystal Creek downstream. Alternatively, you you can follow Crystal Creek upstream to Crystal Spa (Junction Falls Lagoon).

Approximately 400m downstream, you will arrive at The Blue Lagoon. Continue downstream another 150m to arrive at Secret Cascade and then another 250m to arrive at Crystal Creek Falls Lagoon and the track.

Have a walk down to Crystal Falls. Be careful in the as the rocks can be super slippery.

Return via the Paluma Tracks to the Paluma Dam.