Eastern Peak

Located between Clermont and Dysart, Eastern Peak raises 610 metres above sea level and provide great views of the surrounding landscape.

Eastern Peak
Cover photo by @attica13

Location - Peak Range National Park, Isaac Region, Central Queensland, Australia
Distance - 4 km return, depending on starting point
Duration - Allow 4-6 hours return
Grade - 5, steep and off-track
Access - Access via private property

Located between the townships of Clermont and Dysart (85km north-east of Emerald), Eastern Peak raises 610 metres above sea level and is the prominent feature in the southern section of Peak Range National Park. Eastern Peak is a great example of a thrust dome resulting from successive intrusions and upheavals of viscous lava.

From the summit, you are rewarded with views across the landscape including those of Browns Peak (807 m) and Charley's Peak (610 m) to the northwest and the volcanic formations such as Calvert Peak (634 m), Mount Macarthur (746 m), Scott's Peak (854 m), Roper's Peak (804m), and Malvern Hill (679 m) to the southwest.

Eastern Peak is located within Peak Range National Park and is surrounded by private property. Prior permission is required to access this part of the national park.