Location - Bowling Green Bay National Park, Queensland, Australia
Grade - 5, difficult, recommended for experienced bushwalkers
Distance - 12 km return
Time - 10-14 hours return

UPDATE 2019: This area is no longer accessible via Palm Creek Eco Park and is only accessible via private property. The Townsville Bushwalking Club still have access. Join The Club on a hike in this area.

One of the three points of interest near Palm Creek, this waterfall is truly hidden away far up the creek beds. It involves a lot of rock hopping up the creek to reveal a secluded waterfall you're guaranteed to have to yourself. If you would like to do this walk, I suggest to go with the Townsville Bushwalking Club.
See also The Cascades and The Terraces.

St Margaret Creek

How to get there

Start by walking to the Palm Creek Rockslides.

From the slides, rock hop your way up the creek for several kilometers until you arrive at a hidden fork in the creek.

Take the right fork steeply up to these magical falls.

Return via the same route.

Interactive Map

Here's an interactive map of the area: