Jacobsen Track - Hidden Valley to the Bruce Highway

The Jacobsen Track is an old forestry road and is connected via Valley Rd to Pappins Rd and passes through a private property at either end. You will need to contact the landowner to request permission to pass through that lands.

It was used as a short cut and was popular with the 4WD drivers. It was the easiest way to access the "blackhole" swimming hole and you can also abseil down to Jourama Falls.

Unfortunately, the Jacobsen Track is no longer maintained and is no longer drivable by car or motorbike. Fallen trees now lay across the track making it impassable for a vehicle without a chainsaw. Lawyer Cane, Lantana and other vegetation has spread across the track in many sections making parts of the track slow to walk along.

National Parks want to maintain this track as a fire fighting trail and the big problem is that it comes out on private property at both ends.

You'll need to contact land owner for permission to pass through their private property on either end:
Valley Rd (Hidden Valley)
Brian Furger
Pappins Rd (Bruce Highway)

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