Since Jourama Falls is Luen's favourite place, we had to go at least one last time before leaving for our road trip down south. Also Luen had not been up at the top of the waterfall with the drone. So on Wednesday we decided to go for a spontaneous midweek-trip up to the falls.

Jourama Falls looking back after hiking up

How to get up to the falls, including directions and maps, is already covered. So if you are keen to explore this beautiful place, make sure you read our post and are prepared with the necessary equipment.

Jourama Falls Lookout after hiking

In this post we will share our pictures with you to give you an idea of the place.

Top of Jourama Falls looking upstream at waterview creek

Since we wanted to experience sunset and sunrise at the falls we set out to camp the night. Safe to say we did not sleep too well, as we did not find a flat surface. However the views at night with the beautiful full moon rising above the hills, refreshing swims in the rock pools and the view in the morning was worth sacrificing a good night's sleep.