Location - Girringun National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - ~20 km return
Duration - ~7-12 hours return
Difficulty - 5, on- and off-track, creek swimming and wading

There's something special about this place. It's a wall of waterfalls where you can see six waterfalls cascading down the cliffline in one spot with potentially several more falls in the wet season. We call it the 'Wall of Waterfalls'.

Wall of Waterfalls

How to get to Lower Garrawalt Falls

First, you must start at either the Yammie pick up point or Henrietta pick up point on the Herbert River. Follow the Henrietta Trail to where it crosses Garrawalt Creek.

From here, you will need to find your way up the creek. The best approach is to follow the cattle tracks on the south east side of the creek, though is it a bit scrubby.

Eventually, you will have to make your way into the creek and begin rock hopping upstream the rest of the way.

Continue past Flagstone Creek junction and 700 metres later, you will arrive at the first waterfall.

From here, you will need to scramble up the right side of the falls (~grade 6). Do not attempt this after rain or drizzle.

After scrambling up the waterfall, continue another 200 metres to the Wall of Waterfalls which has a great swimming pool and a jurassic feel.

Interactive Map

Be crocwise and stay out of the water and away from the waters edge near deep pools in the lower reaches of Garrawalt Creek and the Herbert River.