Location - Bowling Green Bay National Park, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - Depends on how far you go up the creek
Time - Depends on how far you go up the creek
Difficulty - 4/5, easy to moderate; off-track hike with rock hopping and rock scrambling

Located in Bowling Green Bay National Park, this creek has one of the largest collection areas on the mountain (excluding Alligator Creek). Much of the lower reaches of the creek are sandy and flat with Lantana and Guinea Grass taking over. The upper reaches are full of palm trees and smaller rocks.

The low section of the creek is plenty wide with deep for the swimming pools in places.

A B22 bomber plane crashed up high in the valley but the location has been lost throughout time. Alan Simet and Dave, have done many hikes in this area and still have not yet found the wreckage.

It's best done as a through walk from Cockatoo Creek into Major Creek as they share a same watershed. The saddle between the two creeks makes for a great flat area to pitch a couple of tents.

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