Mount Bohle and Deeragun Hills

Mount Bohle and Deeragun Hills

Location - Townsville, North Queensland, Australia
Distance - Depending on route taken
Duration - 1 hour return
Grade - 3, easy but steep in sections

This area is located in the outer western suburbs of Townsville near the Saunders Creek nature strip. Both the hills at Bohle Plains and the nearby Jensen locales are often referred to as Deeragun Hills. A large network of trails connects many of these locals together. You'll also find several motocross and dirtbike tracks in the vicinity.

The area is littered with old trails from the four-wheel drivers but the main hill is a short walk perfect for an after-work explore. The trails take you to an elevated position on Mount Bohle where you are rewarded with views of Townsville across the Northern Beaches and out to Hervey Range. You can see clearly Mount Margaret, Round Mountain, Frederick Peak, Black Mountain as well as several other points of interest.

Mount Bohle is said to be at an elevation of 128 metres but the quarry now exists where the summit is marked. Seemingly the summit is now at an elevation of 85m. The area is surrounded by Bohle Plains, Jensen, Shaw, Deeragun.

This is a great place to take your dog for a walk.

How to get there

The walk starts at the end of Edmonton Drive (Oakdale Heights Estate), Deeragun which is a cul de sac. If you do not find a spot in the dirt area around the cul-de-sac, park down the street in a place that will not bother residents. Do not park in residential driveways!

Interactive Map

The terrain is rocky, with some overgrown grass. It's not an official or marked trail but it is defined. The track has some steep ascents and descents with gravel loose underfoot. The old, disused four-wheel drive tracks are washed out and some have formed large gullies. There is an old mountain bike track built by the locals and several dirt bike trails to explore.

What to bring

  • Water
  • Sun protective clothing (i.e., long pants and shirts)
  • Appropriate footwear

The area is relatively clean compared to other four-wheel drive areas and this is perhaps because it's been fenced-off and vehicle access blocked which may have helped with the rubbish situation. Seemingly this area is undeveloped land (private property) and you may need prior permission.

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